EstablishedApril 2007
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Money Back Guarantee24 Hours


Pros and Cons

  • Global location coverage
  • Custom control panel
  • Free 24-hour trial
  • Over 10 years old
  • Only 24 hours money back guarantee
Example Package
Price$0.20 per slot
LocationDallas (US)


Configuration Options

Minimum Slots
Maximum Slots
Price per slot
Price for 50 slots
Price for 400 slots


Supported Platforms
Control Panel Type
DDoS Protection


Game Switching
Steam Workshop Manager
Automatic Offsite Backups


Mod Support
Mod Manager GUI
1-Click Mod Install
Auto Updating Mods

Customer Support

Ticket System


Automatic Backups
Automatic Updates
Location Switching
FTP Access

Control Panel Screenshots

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GTX gaming has been hosting Rust servers since the game was released in 2013. Today, it has around 1000 Rust servers running. The company is led by experienced and talented professionals that can help you have the best hosting experience.

Example Package

Rent a Rust server with 50 slots for $0.20 per slot, amounting to $10 monthly, or you can go for the maximum 400 player slots for $80 per month.

Configurable Options

There are different options you can configure before renting a Rust server with GTX Gaming, such as memory allocation and CPU priority to increase the performance of your server.

Memory Allocation

The standard package comes with free 8GB RAM, but if you’re planning to rent out a server with more player slots, you might need higher memory allocation for better performance. You can choose to increase your RAM up to 32GB for $23.99.

Hard Disk

For faster retrieval of data and files and an overall increase in server operating speed, you can upgrade your server’s SSD to NVMe M2 for only $4.99.

CPU Clock Speed

GTX Gaming servers have a default clock speed of 4.2 GHz, powered by processors with 6 cores and 12 threads. To increase the speed that your server can manage and process information, you can upgrade to a 16-core and 32 thread processor with 4.2 GHz for only $5.99.

CPU Priority

GTX Gaming lets you choose between Turbo Boost and Extreme Turbo Boost for a higher CPU Priority. High CPU Priority is priced at $4.99 while Real time CPU Priority is at $6.99

VIP Priority Ticket Support

GTX Gaming already provides fast and reliable support, but with VIP Priority Ticket Support, you can expect an even quicker response time. You can bump your tickets up in the queue for only $1.99 and resolve your server hosting issues faster.

Available Addons

Old Host Migration

To keep your progress in your old Rust world, you can pay a one-time payment of $5.99 for host migration. After ordering this addon, you can give GTX Gaming your old FTP details, and they will transfer all your saved progress to your newly acquired Rust server.


GTX Gaming is a premium host for Rust servers. Through 9 years of service, they have enhanced their server control panel to make server hosting a smooth and easy process for their customers. Below is a list of the features that their control panel has:

24/7 Support

GTX gaming support team responds to server owners' queries or assists in server hosting issues any day of the year.

DDoS Protection

GTX Gaming protects your server from Distributed Denial of Server (DDoS) attacks to keep it running and free from unwanted latency and downtime.

Offsite Backups

GTX Gaming performs offsite backups whenever your server is restarted to keep your server files safe and secure. Backups also include Oxide files.

24 Hour Refund

After purchasing a server hosting package from GTX Gaming, you can ask for a refund any time within 24 hours if you don’t think its features meet your server-hosting needs.

Dynamic Wipe and Restore Server

If you ever decide to wipe and restore your server, you can do so by using the Restore Server Button on your control panel. You can also wipe or restore only certain portions of your saved progress.

RustIO Live Map Support

To install RustIO Live Map, you can head to GTX Gaming’s Mod Manager and perform a one-click install. You can also update RustIO in the manager using the Updates feature.

Task Scheduler

Automate server processes using the Scheduled Tasks feature in GTX Gaming’s Control Panel and make broadcasting messages, RCON commands, server wipes and Steam updates automatic and easy.


GTX Gaming has all the features needed to make game server hosting easy and accessible even for beginners. With their enhanced game hosting functionalities, your Rust server will surely be a source of unlimited fun and enjoyable gameplay.