EstablishedJanuary 2014
TrustPilot Rating
Money Back Guarantee14 Days


Pros and Cons

  • Discord bot to control server
  • 14 Days money back guarantee
  • One click install Oxide (umod) and Rust:IO
Example Package
Price$0.27 per slot
LocationHillsboro, OR (US)


Configuration Options

Minimum Slots
Maximum Slots
Price per slot (50 slots)
Price per slot (300 slots)
Price for 50 slots
Price for 300 slots


Supported Platforms
Control Panel Type
DDoS Protection


Game Server Discord Bot - Control your server straight from Discord!


Mod Support
Mod Manager GUI
1-Click Mod Install
Auto Updating Mods

Customer Support

Ticket System


Automatic Backups
Automatic Updates
Location Switching
FTP Access

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ServerBlend is one of the leading game server hosting companies today, providing high-performance gaming servers since 2014. With ServerBlend, you can have talented professionals ensuring the smoothest gaming experience for your Rust game server.

Example Package

You can acquire a 50-slot server for 0.27 per slot for $13.50 monthly. You can also opt for the maximum 300-slot server, which will lower the price per slot to $0.19 for a price tag of $57 per month.

Free 45-day Enjin Trial

Hosting a server with ServerBlend entitles you to a 45-day Enjin free trial that can help you improve your in-game experience by allowing you to interact with other players using virtual goods and currencies.

Shadow Tech Discount

For a lag-free in-game experience, you will be given access to a discount for Shadow Tech, allowing you to control a powerful Windows 10 machine from your device.

Public Pay

Public Pay is a feature you can benefit from as it allows you to receive credits from other people via a unique link. Credits gathered can then be used to pay for ServiceBlend services.

Off-site Backup

Daily backups will be performed for free to keep your important game and server files organized and secure.

Configurable Options

ServerBlend has a lot of configurable options that you can set to your own preferences. For an additional fee, you can increase the performance of your server in terms of size and speed.

SSD Type

ServerBlend gives you the option to upgrade your SSD type to NVMe M.2, the latest form factor of Solid State Drives, for $3.90 to improve the overall performance of your server.

Player Slots

When it comes to server size, you can choose between a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 300 player slots.


If you’re planning to build a community beyond the gaming realm, you can choose to add a sub-domain to your package for $2.00.

CPU Priority

With a higher CPU priority, your server can run faster with more CPU resources and multiplied computing time. Real-time CPU priority costs $12.99 while High is priced at $7.99.


Hosting a Rust game server with ServerBlend will make your gaming experience smooth and easy even as a beginner with its advanced yet easy-to-use features that can help you manage and configure your server with ease.

Game Panel Mod Workshop and Support

You will have access to top-rated and popular mods in the workshop. Within the game panel, you will also be allowed to add and configure mods. If you need help with accessing or using this feature, you can ask for assistance from their staff, and they will respond in under 10 minutes.

One-click Installation

You can install modifications and plugins on your server with a one-click installation feature and manage your mods through a graphical user interface (GUI).


Giving your server its unique identity is possible with ServerBlend’s server hosting. You can choose to clear the ServerBlend brand from your server name free of charge.

DDoS Protection

To ensure that your server runs smoothly and your playerbase can enjoy gaming without any latency, delays or downtimes, ServerBlend offers DDoS Protection year-round.

High Performance

You are guaranteed the best performance when gaming in your Rust server, thanks to ServerBlend’s Intel Xeon processors, ECC RAM, and SSD/NVMe M2 partnered with Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID).

High-Quality Network

With ServerBlend’s server hosting services, you can rely on a high-quality network for the smoothest gameplay, free from latency and unwanted downtimes caused by poor network performance.

Complete, User-Friendly Control

You can monitor and manage your gaming servers with TCAdmin Panel, which is most preferred by game hosting services around the world.

Expert Technical Support

If you’re a beginner when it comes to server hosting, you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting any technical issues or setting up your server from scratch. With ServerBlend, you will have expert technical support available at all times to guide you through all steps necessary in opening up a server.